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Unicorn Capital Ventures invests in founders and early stage companies whose ideas, research and technologies are destined to transform economic life and shape the fabric of society - for the better. 

Every moment of human life is being re-made by technology at an unprecedented pace.

The next few years are likely to be the most exciting and lucrative period for venture investing in the last 20 years. 



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Unicorn Capital Ventures is a new breed of investment firm; a hybrid venture capital / private equity firm, creative hot shop / venture studio.

We Invest. We Create, Co-Create Businesses.


Unicorn Capital Venture's hybrid investment model is engineered to unearth, unlock, build and realise exceptional value from early stage investment and innovations  



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For investors, Unicorn Ventures delivers early access to the ideas, technologies, people and companies that shape, shift and create markets. 


Early access to these innovations is more valuable than ever to investment returns. 



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