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Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Storage, Robotics, IIoT and Quantum technologies are transformative platforms that are unleashing an unprecedented velocity of innovation throughout industry and, changing how our world works.

Markets are up for grabs, open to new, faster, cheaper, better ways of organising commerce, solving problems, creating value, convenience and joy for people.  

These platforms will create $100's trillions in business value and wealth creation over the next decade. 

Unicorn's portfolio is being built to ensure investors are positioned on the right side of innovation, and benefit from the seismic shifts that these technologies, innovations and platforms will bring.

Healthcare AI

Healthcare | Ai  > Healthcare's Mobile Revolution

Helfie provides an expert medical diagnosis in seconds just by taking a picture, video or sound recording on your smartphone.

Welcome to easy, instant and inexpensive healthcare.

Ai  |   Healthcare


Takes a picture of your eye and within seconds, diagnoses for diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and stroke.

Energy Storage  |  The battery Tesla wished they'd built.


Introducing +ve

Store, share and sell energy.

Energy storage is at the heart of the ecological and economic challenges the planet faces.

Using lithium titanate technology, positv batteries fully re-charge in minutes, last for 20+ years and outperform lithium ion batteries on every measure. Along with integrated energy sharing/trading platform, positv batteries are the game changer.


Energy Storage
CRRR white 2.png

We might be living in the Tik Tok age, but has anyone really found a new way of presenting live sport on a mobile platform? 

We have and it's called Crrrunchtime.

Whether it’s penalty shootouts, OT in an NBA game, tennis tie breaker or match point, dramatic comebacks, bases loaded, sudden death in golf, finals seconds of a Rocket League epic, you name it, any sport, any dramatic moment, Crrrunchtime will tune you to into the live action moments before it all begins to play out.

NFT Mobile Entertainment

Mobile  |  Entertainment  |  Blockchain NFT

Fintech | Defi | AI

Ai Banking

Welcome to the autonomous banking.

One account for everything and everything in that account automatically optimised - every loan, transaction, interaction payment, continuously optimised to your advantage. Without you having to lift a finger.

Banking Ai

eCommerce  | Social Shopping


Shop, browse and buy products you'd only ever discover traipsing the streets and local stores, galleries, studios, factories and nooks of the world's coolest shopping hoods.


All live via mobile.

Social Shopping
Travel Tech

Travel Tech | Impact

oie_transparent (5).png

Meaningful Travel.

The Good Traveler is venture co-created with Oxfam that connects travellers to important NGO programs throughout the developing world that they can be part of when travelling; lend a hand building a home, school, read to children, share your knowledge with local businesses, help pick leaves at a tea plantation......


Cyber Security  |  Ai


Real time fraud detection and prevention for payments and transaction systems.

Cyber Security Ai

Property Tech |   Ai.  |  Automation


Bimlogiq's (SmartAnnotation) utilises Ai to transform raw drawings to fully complete documents without human involvement.

Property Tech Ai

Property Tech  |  Ai.   |.   Productivity


Large PDF drawings are a big challenge - they're slow to open, hard to share. With Sharing Pad, there is no need for architects and engineers to divide large plans into smaller zones any longer.


Instantly open PDF drawings of any size, make markups and collaborate on all revisions in one place, on any device.


World's leading pressure and level sensors.

Low power, 10 year battery life, wireless, network agnositc, low cost.

Industrial Internet of Things  |  Low Power, Low Cost at any scale

IIoT  |  Ai    |   Blockchain 



Ula makes it possible for machines to communicate with humans and other machines and to get things done. 


Networking  |   Infrastructure

diodar logo - for black bg (portrait).pn

The internet through your lights.​

Data transfer 1000 x greater than traditional WiFI networks.

Finally, an Internet for industry. 


Food Tech | Impact

Order delicious home cooked meals as easily

as ordering regular takeaway.

Lets Eat home made, cooked and grown food
Food Tech

eCommerce   |    Grocery


Groceries and produce from farms and producers near your home, delivered in under 1 hour. All your used packaging is picked up from your home and re-cycled. (Australia & NZ)

eCommerce Grocery

eGaming | Mobile | Crypto

KO! Logo Purple.png


Survival of the boldest, fittest, bravest, most cunning.

Knockout gaming tournaments where the last man standing wins. Played along with live sports (and eSPorts), in real time on mobile, winners take home mystery loot boxes with baskets of crypto currency.

NFT eGaming Crypto



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